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Asphalt Patching in the Twin Cities

Owner and operator Jim Cigelske, understands that our clients do not want to spend money on professional services that they do not need. This is exactly why he chose asphalt patching, repairs, and sealcoating to be the focus of our business from the very beginning. Depending on the level of wear your asphalt surfaces have experienced, The Asphalt Company can help you avoid costly options like repaving and help save you money!

Types of Asphalt Patching

Your property’s asphalt surfaces are a big factor in its value and marketability. At The Asphalt Company, we are more than qualified to take an objective look at your asphalt and help you determine the type of work needed for it to look and perform the way you want. Some of the types of asphalt patching that we provide for clients like you include:

Mill Patching — Involves grinding off 2-3 inches of the top layer of asphalt from the surface. Area is expertly cleaned and tack coated, allowing new asphalt to be installed for a new and improved appearance.
Pothole Patching — A quick and affordable fix that requires manually installing and compacting new asphalt in the affected area. This is a temporary solution, but fits within any budget.
Infrared Thermal Bond Patching — Worn asphalt is heated to the point of softness, allowing the affected edges to meld together and create a solid surface once again. Takes less time and is often suggested for areas of cracks scattered throughout pavement.

Lasting Asphalt Repair — Twin Cities Metro Area

Because of Jim’s commitment to superior services and affordable prices, The Asphalt Company is in high demand to provide both residential and commercial properties throughout the metro area with asphalt repair. We even provide free estimates so there are no surprises when you receive the invoice. Between personally handling projects, to leading a team on a job, you can count on Jim himself to ensure that your hard-earned money is put to good use when entrusted to our team.

Want to learn more about asphalt patching? Contact The Asphalt Company today, and do not forget to ask about receiving a free estimate!